Following on from the satisfyingly successful “Embarrassed And Mystified“, PooterGeek now invites you to come up with two more celebrities’ names. To comment on this thread you must cite someone in the public eye you consider to be talentless, crooked, annoying or otherwise undeserving of the admiration they get, but you can’t help liking; and someone who inexplicably keeps getting away with it, where “it” can be anything from being comprehensively useless to stealing money from sick children and spending it flying around the Middle East, dining with murderous thieves—just as an example, unrelated to anything which follows, obviously.

To start the game I offer my two candidates: Jamie Oliver—verduratingly high-earning multimedia success and ubiquitous, mockney geezah youf that he is, I have to concede that he quite probably has a heart of gold, the bastard:

TV chef Jamie Oliver

And, to bagsy him before everyone else does (and to avoid legal problems with the comments), please someone tell me when the World will see through the obnoxious George Galloway—and finally acknowledge how limited his debating skills are, of course:

reactionary demagogue George Galloway

As before, non-libellous bitching is welcome.

UPDATE: I have been asked by a traumatised PooterGeeker, a Ms Trellis of Upside-Down Land, to shroud Gorgeous George’s loveliness in such a way to protect his modesty. Happy to oblige.