I am always raving about The Economist on PooterGeek, partly by default. Although most people think of it as a magazine or a journal, it’s one of the very few newspapers in Britain that lives up to the name. Because, for example, more millionaires read The Economist than any other international publication there’s no need for its journalists to waste time writing about Kylie’s breasts. Heaven knows how much it costs to buy a page of advertising next to the clear prose of its fact-checked content and sober analysis.

Sadly, the people filling this expensive space aren’t bound by The Economist‘s style guide. As it modestly suggests that the builders of the pyramids would have been its customers, specialist bank Eurohypo combines two of the tiredest corporate clunkers to create its slogan on the back page of this week’s edition. Yes, Eurohypo really does have “a passion for solutions”. On the inside of the same cover World Press Group “engage meaningfully with key stakeholders” and “help you substantiate the most effective international press schedules”. They illustrate this with the example of their creating “greater impact and better understanding of Shell’s tangible response to the glonal [sic] energy challenge”.

Guys, here’s how to create greater impact internationally: WRITE PLAIN ENGLISH!