This page is starting to appear in my referers:

“Alice (9/22/05 6:26 pm)
Ralph story
I was browsing online and I came across this weird mocking story of Ralph. It isn’t the best story but I found it amusing. here’s the link:

ArcticLady (9/23/05 7:30 am)
humph… I don’t know the owner of the weblog, but he doesn’t seem to know much about Ralph and his mannerisms and habits.

There was a discussion not long ago about weblogs; how they are kind of a grey area, that nobody regulates, and you can bark whatever you want and get away with it. Suing someone over a disfavorable image in a weblog is quite fruitless. I was not thinking of the Ralph story now, but in general.”

How long, do you think, it will be before the footsoldiers of the Ralph Fiennes Barmy Army are here telling me where I can stick my satire?