They came to install my broadband connection yesterday and the news was bad. Apparently the main cable is too far away and they’re going to have to “get Construction in” to move the access point nearer to the building and bring a link up to my flat—two weeks minimum before I’m back online properly. Sorry, folks. I’m going to try to get some kind of season ticket from the local Internet café.

The most interesting part of the visit was that one of the two NTL workies—the one who looked fifteen years old rather than the one who looked thirteen—answered my lame question “So how long have you been in this game then?” as follows:

“Nine months. But I’m getting into property. After we’ve finished this I’m going round to look at a bungalow in Worthing. You can get 850 a month in rent on a bungalow. I own my own flat, but I’m probably going to get this other place and build up from there…”

At that moment, for some strange reason, this historic event popped into my head:

“Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s father, sold before the 1929 stock market crash and kept millions in profit. Kennedy decided to sell because he overheard shoeshine boys and other novices speculating on stocks.”

I know, I know: it’s snobbery and envy because I’m missing out on my last big chance to get into property before house prices are completely out of my reach forever. Ho hum.

Mind you, I’ve heard there’s money in working for yourself selling water softening systems. You become part of a team, each level of the scheme passing on expertise to the one below and benefiting from a share of profits in return. The more you believe in yourself, the harder you sell, the more you can earn. It’s amazing and it’s not Multi-Level Marketing; it’s a Genuine Earning Opportunity.