Tim Worstall [thank you, Tim!] recommended PooterGeek in his article about ‘Blogging today in the Times. This would be wonderful news except for my continuing lack of Internet access at home, the absence of any kind of post on PooterGeek today, and my having allowed my “Best Of” section to become months out of date. I didn’t even know about my new-found fame until a couple of hours ago [thank you, Eric!], because my email account has been playing up today. Gah!

Welcome to any late-coming newcomers brought here by the MSM. Excuse the recent profusion of in-jokes and absence of topical Web-references on PooterGeek, but, as I explained above, I’m a bit out-of-it at the moment, having just moved from Cambridge to Brighton and not yet re-acquired broadband access—or even a telephone. Even as you read this I am updating the PooterGeek compilation album in a dingy Internet caff. Make yourselves at home.