Relatively new ‘Blogger Gloria Salt of Apropos of Nothing emailed me the other day to ask me what was with all the photos of cats on ‘Blogs. I explained that catblogging was something of a tradition of the medium, to the extent that even male Oxford academic Chris Brooke had a “Thursday Kitten Blogging” feature.

I have never knowingly catblogged. In fact, in the dark days of my hand-coding my ‘Blog in static HTML (when it wasn’t even called “PooterGeek”), it might well have carried the tagline “Guaranteed Cat-Free”. Today I change all that.

ginger cat perched foolishly on a tyre inside a car wheelarch
Little Mo has been gaffer-taped to a Bridgestone and eagerly awaits your contributions

[click image to enlarge]

It’s content-free Friday here at PooterGeek. It’s up to you to fill the comments with your own stories about animals (especially your own pets) doing recklessly stupid things but surviving. (Failing that, any jokes about animals will do.) If you entertain me sufficiently then Little Mo will live.