Truckers Pluck A Sculpture as Self Preservation Society executes audacious robbery.

Two vehicles gained access to the courtyard of the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green, Much Hadham in Hertfordshire, on Thursday evening.

Three men then loaded the huge statue of “a reclining figure” onto the back of a Mercedes lorry using a crane.

Officers investigating the theft believe it could have been stolen for scrap value.

The 1969/1970 work is 3.6m long, 2m high by 2m wide and weighs 2.1 tonnes.

One offender is described as wearing a hooded jacket and one a baseball cap.

The Mercedes is a flatbed lorry, possibly red with a crane on the back.

A second vehicle used by the men is thought to have been an old-style Mini Cooper, police said.

‘Monger ‘Blogger Shocker in Brighton & Hove as Geek and Kamm found on same side of argument about English style: Plain English Campaign condemns use of plain English. Again.

UPDATE: Bob Borsley, who has been very helpful in advising me about Noam Chomsky’s contribution to linguistics, draws my attention to this discussion of the Donald Rumsfeld remarks, by Geoffrey K. Pullum, co-author (says Bob) of the best grammar of English:

The quotation is impeccable, syntactically, semantically, logically, and rhetorically. There is nothing baffling about its language at all…. Hate Rummie if you want for political reasons, but don’t try to get grammar or logic on your side. There is nothing unintelligible about his quoted remark, linguistically or logically.

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