Media composer Richard subscribes to various lists that offers work for people in his business. As with much of the media world, those offering gigs are fully aware of the desperation of celebrity wannabes to get any kind of experience—so they pay accordingly: peanuts or less. To use the jargon, they take the piss.

Such classified services also display another common media world trait: an obsession with the superficial. Talent and knowledge are pretty much secondary to fashion and looks. Things are now at the point where plenty of advertisements say “models/actresses wanted” as though the two jobs were trivially interchangeable. I got a snigger from this ad Richard forwarded to me from Talent Circle (categorised of course as “low paid/paid”):

“Looking for stunning, bubbly and intelligent Female presenters for “Big Screen Poker Tv” a new digital Tv channel which is part of Opus Media PLC.
You will be part of a team responsible for studio interviews and attending International Poker events as well as lifestyle and show biz features.
An interest in Poker would be useful.”