Sorry about the thin posting so far this week. I’ve been busy.

Surprisingly, considering it covers those strange games Americans play, there are items in The Onion’s sports review of 2005 that even Brits can find funny. I missed their “World’s Emotionally Strongest Man” report when it first appeared last September:

During the show’s premiere, a two-hour special titled “Manhattan Blowout,” competitors put their bodies, minds, and spirits to the test in events ranging from the brutal grind of “Enduring Quietly As She Takes Her Hard Day At Work Out On You,” to the agility-straining “Throwing A Last-Minute Surprise Party For A Despised Mother-In-Law,” to the ultimate combination of strength and finesse, “Helping Her Over The Death Of The Cat That Always Hated You.”

and check out this cool piece of ‘Shopping.