Sorry, PooterGeekers. I do have a lot of ideas for things to write here, but I don’t have any time to write them this week. I don’t even have time to cut-and-paste a joke here as I usually do before I take a few days off from ‘Blogging.

Amongst other little chores I’ve been doing, yesterday I replaced the car I wrote off on the M11. My new one has an airbag.

I’ll share two things with you quickly before I go.

My dad recommends this piece of poetry David Irving wrote for his now twelve-year-old daughter:

I am a baby Aryan
Not Jewish or sectarian
I have no plans to marry an
Ape or Rastafarian.

That’s certainly up there with the verse of that other keen amateur historian Harold Pinter.

And I liked this comment from the Slashdot story about Yahoo banning the string “Allah” from users’ screen names (tough news if your surname’s “Callahan”):

Yeah, the same three English teams always seem to get caught in the filtering software:

* Arsenal
* Scunthorpe
* Manchester-fucking-United