Writer (and prolific Harry’s Place commenter) SeanT, aka Toffee Womble, is also displeased with the lack of fact-checking in contemporary publishing that led to the success of the largely made-up James Frey memoir A Million Little Pieces:

The second reason I am personally pissed off with James ‘I spent eight minutes in prison’ Frey is that I have/had a second memoir in the pipeline. This memoir was going to detail all the bad stuff in my life. The really bad stuff. The heroin addiction, the crack habit. Because I have had a life as crazy if not much crazier than the life detailed in Frey’s bestseller. The difference between my life and Frey’s ‘life’, however, is that mine is fucking TRUE. I really did do two months in prison – and not for defacing library books – I was on a fucking RAPE CHARGE. I really WAS kidnapped by Hezbollah. I really DID get in a knife fight in Marseilles. I really DID live in a hotel in Bangkok that sold heroin on room service. I really WAS stranded in a forest in Siberia coming off heroin after being ejected from a troop train.

But who, exactly, after Frey, is ever going to believe me?

Assuming Sean’s ‘Blog photo represents some kind of default facial expression, imagine how he looked when he was TYPING ALL THOSE BITS IN CAPITALS.