“Well, Abdul, we were going to kill you because you changed sky-fairy in mid flight,

The US and three Nato allies have expressed concern over reports that a Muslim convert to Christianity could face the death penalty in Afghanistan.

Abdul Rahman is charged with rejecting Islam and could be executed under Sharia law unless he reconverts.

The US made a subdued appeal for him to be allowed to practise his faith – but stressed it did not want to interfere.

but now we might let you off because we think you’re a nutter.”

[P]rosecutor Sarinwal Zamari said questions have been raised about [Abdul Rahman’]s mental fitness.

“We think he could be mad. He is not a normal person. He doesn’t talk like a normal person,” Zamari said.

Moayuddin Baluch, a religious adviser to President Hamid Karzai, said Rahman would undergo a psychological examination.

“If he is mentally unfit, definitely Islam has no claim to punish him. He must be forgiven. The case must be dropped,” Baluch said.