At PooterGeek we love Snakes On A Plane. Thank you to Peter Briffa for drawing my attention to the Snakes On A Plane sequel pitch thread at the Internet Movie Database discussion boards—samples:

Jurassic Snake

A crazy British entrepeneur brings dinosaurs back to life by extracting genetic material from amber, using snake cells to fill in the holes of the DNA sequence. Sort of like Jurassic Park, except the theme park the British businessman opens runs smoothly and delights the children of the world, until one little boy stows away a nest of dinosaur eggs and as he is traveling home they begin to hatch – on a plane!


OK, this thread is huge…But I’m thinkin’ Little Snake on the Great Plains.

In the tradition of the beloved autobiographical novels of Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie) comes a heartwarming “tail” of family, adventure, and the American Dream! Adorable little Sylvester Snake, along with Momma, Poppa, and Baby Snake, strike out for the Oregon Trail. Times have been tough, but the influx of settlers is rumored to provide a delectable motherlode of human victims to strangle and swallow whole!


Snakes on Plane XX(whatever number): Snake Vs. Snake

Its the year 2090, snakes have been extinct for 40 years now. Some corporate scientist (when will they learn, WHEN?) decided to start breeding mutant snakes from left over DNA. They will then realize they have created something that is beyond their control, the only way is to ressurect the only man that is capable of the job, SNAKE PLISSKEN. Along the way Snake discovered that he is the 13th clone made by the scientist, all that came before him are horribly disfigured (please…. kill me). He become[s] enraged and blows up the whole ship, ..err plane.