Someone tried to post a spam link here to the home of a new philosophy called “Normism”. I’m going to do better than that: this post quotes and links directly to the Normism site. I’m sure the spammer chose me as victim because of the many references here to normblog. The marvellous thing is, Normism is so thoroughly and battily unlike anything Norm himself would believe in:

Norm rules the cosmos and the cosmos rules Norm. Norm rules the hearts and minds by listening to our wishes and actualizing them if there is no strong opposition from the other party/parties DIRECTLY INVOLVED.

You are entitled to ask for evidence for the existence of this true and original personality of “God”. I have personally encountered this original character of “God” (Norm) in my life through direct conversations and true sensations. I am a so called “schizophrenic” that communicates with unknown and known entities throughout the infinite cosmos. While communicating with these entities, however I imagined existence to be, Norm actualized fantasy communications with that mode of existence. So at the end I realized that actualizing most things for Norm at least as a fantasy is very easy and the “whatever” that It repeatedly has told me rules Its consciousness. You will eventually with strong faith be able to free yourselves from archaic and false personalities of Norm and do whatever you wish, provided that your mind is capable and there is no strong disagreement with your wish from other party/parties DIRECTLY INVOLVED.