It takes nerve to claim in public you originally extruded the pseudohistorical baloney that was the meat in one of the worst-written bestsellers of all time, but if Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh win their case against Dan Brown it could be the beginning of a long haul. On the “3 for the price of 2” tables alone in Brighton Waterstone’s yesterday I found the following books for sale:

Codex by Lev Grossman:

A long-lost library. A priceless manuscript. A deadly secret.

The Magdalene Cipher by Jim Hougan:

co-author of The Genesis Code

The Secret Supper: A Novel by Javier Sierra (and illustrated with a print of Leonardo’s “The Last Supper”):

Mystery. Intrigue. Death. Can You Crack The Code?

Leonardo Da Vinci: The Flights Of The Mind by Javier Sierra:

If you read one book with Da Vinci in its title this year, make it this one

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