Like a teenager in Starbucks with a Penguin Kafka sticking out of her carefully distressed jacket pocket, someone calling herself “thapunkprincess” flashes her reading list and then attempts to strike a subversive blow against the Eustonian hegemony by inventing a fake signature for the manifesto:

One more thing before I go. Various internet ‘commentators’ have mentioned recently the Euston Manifesto as the latest po-faced weapon in the hapless Left’s arsenal, nestling alongside Decent Values, Muscular Liberalism, and of course the delightful Nicholas Cohen. Anybody can sign it, and I advise that you all do so in order to counter idiotic signatories like the one below (which I wrote, obv).

‘I have signed the Euston manifesto because it appears a solid restatement of the Enlightenment values that should continue to inform the Left, yet have been lost in a world of cultural relativism and apologists for terror. Rationalism, universal human rights, and social progress are our bedrock and must be defended at all costs even if these “unfashionable” ideas are not easily exported to the wider world and indeed to our fellow “postmodern” citizens – Piers Grady-Harford’

We’re slightly less “hapless” than you are, love. Did you seriously believe any dissent against our prevailing world view would escape our vast network of Jew lizardoid spies?

I love the “serious” comment her post has attracted; it’s certainly funnier than the princess’s weak parody:

“[T]he full-scale imposition of ‘Enlightenment values’ is a form of cultural fascism”

You won’t be surprised to read, browsing the rest of her site, that thapunkprincess is doing a Masters in Critical Theory but has “fallen a long way behind with all her work”, that “freedom of speech is a myth”, and that she’s so wild and crazy that she smokes Marlboros and uses the word “cunt” a lot—for example when discussing Nick Cohen.

Students, eh? If I weren’t so po-faced I’d write mocking a blogpost.