Sorry for the thinness of posting and for the “online poker” comment spam at PooterGeek lately. I have been busy with wedding photography and other photography, attending my nephew’s (godson’s) christening, and catching up with friends—as well as this thing of course.

Thank you to PooterGeek readers who have been helping me get business (and helping me with the business) and sorry to everyone who’s waiting for a reply to an email or phone call.

Here are some snaps from my recent harvest to give you something to look at while I catch up with my correspondence. (No digital cameras, no Photoshop, no darkroom dodging or burning, and no experimental animals have been used in any of the following; what you see is what was cropped straight from the scanned negatives.) You can click on each image to view a bigger version, but remember if you are using Internet Explorer that it will try to scale the big images to fit your browser window. The results will be horribly blocky.

To get round this, once you’ve clicked through to the larger version, hover your mouse pointer over the photo and wait until a palette and a button appear. The button should be low down and far right on your screen and, when you click on it, the reduced scan will be restored to the resolution I uploaded (never larger than 1000 pixels per side).

a wedding guest looks handsome and brooding

This is a shot of a guest at my first Brighton wedding. Would you believe he’s a physics teacher? Would you further believe that the bride and groom were so pleased with my work for them that they spontaneously doubled my fee when they saw the prints I made?! This business is certainly different from science. I had indeed undercut the competition to get the job, but I was just grateful for their giving me a fingernail grip on the local market. Should I fear action from the EU competition authorities?

the Terraces Bar and Grill on the seafront at Brighton

Buildings have been as interesting to me as a photographer as plants were to me when I was a biologist—that is, not very—but, if you offer to pay me to photograph your premises, like the manager of this fine Brighton restaurant did, then I can fake a Pevsnerian passion for architecture, a passion that will scale directly with the size of the invoice I send you afterwards.

Jo is the sort of scientist you only see in Bond movies

This is Jo, inventor of Shouty Woman, getting ready for her wedding last week. She scrubs up nicely, doesn’t she?—she also has a PhD in molecular genetics and is editor of The Journal of Gene Medicine. There was a small crowd of single male Cambridge science nerds holding a tearful vigil outside the ceremony.

Paul Jun and Mark

Here’s Jo’s lucky husband Mark with his arm around Jo’s brother Paul, host of the famous random product swaps, and Paul’s son Jun. Camera geeks, check that groovy Minolta bokeh giving the little angel a halo.

Andrew Phillips live

“Over there, Andrew Phillips, mandolin.” Andrew is a composer and producer currently working with my musical collaborator Richard on the soundtrack for a Channel 4 documentary and he is also musical director of…

Mike Rosenberg at the mic

the Mike Rosenberg Band (Richard is the band’s new keyboard player.) The first photo shows Andrew playing with them at Brighton’s Joogleberry Playhouse; the one above shows the young singer-songwriter Mike Rosenberg himself at the same performance. You can catch the MRB at The Enterprise (Barfly Camden) on Tues 23May06 and at The Borderline on Mon 05Jun06.

So if you want to hire me to stalk you with a film camera…

Damian pops up to photograph a silver balloon reflecting the bride and head bridesmaid

…at your wedding…

Jo and Mark get married

…or other event—or you just want a stylish photo of your face, family, friends, gig, venue, or business then you know where to go to get in touch.

More proper PooterGeeking soon.