I have been profoundly disappointed with the level of Euston Manifesto satire to date. Things are so bad on the taking-the-piss front that I am probably going to have to do it myself. That’s what it comes to when so many of the people who disagree with you are humourless, witless, or unhinged.

For heaven’s sake, who runs in fear of being ridiculed by Daniel Davies, the thinking man’s Benji? That’s like being mauled by a dead lamb.

These two cartoons aren’t bad,

artists impression of Euston manifesto meeting

cut out and keep guide to British Decency

but I think I’m just flattered by getting a mention.

Perhaps it’s because it’s the work of a woman, rather than another shed-dwelling, obsessive “anti-Decent”—how empty does a working person’s life have to be for him to waste his free time stalking harmless potterers like me and Norm?—but the Pirate Manifesto, while not a direct attack, is at least funny. Well, it is if you’ve read this and this first.