Last week I went out to the cinema to see a film in Brighton for only the second time since I moved here in October*. After his rehearsal with the Mike Rosenberg Band, long-time Wolverine comic reader Richard drove me along (entirely willingly) to see the third in the trilogy of X-Men movies: X-Men: The Last Stand. Contrary to all the reviews I’ve read, it turned out to be the best of the three, though I suspect a lot of the grumbles in the press are because journos aren’t quite as familiar with superhero lore as even an occasional graphic novel reader like me.


“Hugh! I love what you’ve done with the vest.”

Interestingly, at least one journalist seems to think that the film’s underlying message isn’t far from that of my parody. (There is, incidentally, already a gay member of the X-Men called Northstar.) But an even more exciting discovery I made was that online superminx Jackie Danicki is a crucial member of the movie’s cast. By day, Jackie is a mild-mannered new media consultant…

mild mannered Jackie Danicki

By night, she transforms into crime-fighting superheroine Rogue!

Rogue from X-Men

*[Brick, a low-budget, self-conscious cross between teen movie and film noir was my other movie excursion and I recommend you check it out when it’s released on DVD.]