Currently my photography work is booming—so much so that I don’t even have time to tart up my commercial Website as I have been planning to for months. I’d like to thank all the PooterGeekers who have helped me get to this stage. Whether the flow of jobs will continue to the extent that I can make a living and up my prices to something more realistic is another question. Yesterday, however, I realised a childhood dream and picked up an actual mailbag of post (mainly more film and CDs and samples) on my doorstep. Book me now while I’m still cheap!

Also, the “good cop” half of Revenue and Customs has started writing to me, offering “help”. Its communications are distinguishable from those of the writ-wielding, hard-drive seizing, gun-toting “bad cop” half by their being set in Comic Sans and being addressed to “Damien” [sic] rather than “MR D J COUNSELL”. They’re still fundamentally interested in taking money from me, but their attitude seems to be that they’ll be able to take that much more money from me if they can help me earn more—and at least I’ll get some free workshops and brochures in return.