I’ve not been writing much here lately so this is a good time to make those long overdue new additions to my blogroll.

First of all I want to recommend Paul Evans’s Never Trust a Hippy. He’s got strong and interesting views on politics, football, and music, and his stuff is also thoughtful and witty. He deserves more readers than he gets. And not just because he recommends my photography services and thinks I’m funny. (To be completely accurate Paulie wrote that I make him laugh, which might not be the same—it’s that “laughing at”/”laughing with” question.) Check out his recent linking to a striking cover version [caution: following this connection will take you to the aesthetic scrubland that is MySpace].

Fisking Central has already made an impact, helped by being a collective of bloggers and by having a catchy name. One of Hot Wheels’ friends described Snakes On A Plane as “the Ronseal of films”. Fisking Central is the Ronseal of blogs, even if its rulers have still failed to recognize link to Fiskistan.

Ghost of a flea is a mine of pop culture loveliness.

Let’s Be Sensible is another blog I have found myself googling my way to lately because it isn’t on the roll here. Sure, Tom is a paid agent of a vested interest, but he’s also very clever and he has given his blog a nice new template.

The Party already has majority ownership of Rob Newman‘s soul: he works for a Welsh Labour MP and writes this kind of thing in my comments. Neither fact stops me from reading to and linking to his blog.

Most of the Labour-ish readers here don’t need to be introduced to Jo Salmon and Antonia Bance. Despite (because of?) being in the same party I’ve certainly disagreed with them in the past—Antonia wrote that arguing with me about abortion was like being back in a tutorial—but Saint PooterGeek considers them to be broadly on the side of Good rather than Evil, and is unswayed in that judgement by their being delightful people to meet in the real world.

Despite their perfectly opposed ideological and philosophical positions, Kerron Cross (“The Voice of The Delectable Left“) and Mark Holland (Blognor Regis) compete fiercely in the Online category of the Sid James Memorial Awards for Sexual Innuendo.

The Revd Dr Incitatus, actor, scientist, and Eustonian, is here. Read him.

Shuggy is also on Euston’s CIA payroll. His site is always worth a look.

Clive Davis’s hasn’t been so for a while, but that was because he was taking a break. He is now back in (too much) action. Davis is another of those bloggers, like Norm, you wish would write a little bit less sometimes just so you can keep up.

After this gem I was tempted to link to wardyblog as well, but he has been assimilated into the Harry’s Place collective (already long-time linkees from here) so hardly ever posts at his own place any more.

I’m also sending some traffic James Higham‘s way in the hope of rendering his blog’s name ironic—and out of simple human pity.

Incidentally, Chris Brooke seems to be posting again at The Viral Stoat.