My darling readership has solved two PooterGeek mysteries.

Remember the “hair guitar” version of Pachelbel’s Canon? This New York Times article [PDF] tells the tale behind it.

A couple of weeks back, on the way back from the site of a wedding reception, I managed to get myself stuck in one of the few actual undulations in the “landscape” of the Fens. I’d like to say that this

another inventive low-speed Pooter manoeuvre

was the result of a crazy, Dukes of Hazzard-style, 50mph handbrake spin, but it was, in fact, my failure to complete all three points of a clumsy, slow, first-and-reverse turn-in-the-road that required a local farmer to rescue me later with a JCB digger. As it happens, the first person to drive past me was the farmer’s nephew. No inbreeding jokes, please.

Anyway, Tanya, the lovely bride at the wedding, sent me a link to the story behind the giant pig I previously saw on a hillside.