Wondering why I’m blogging regularly again these days? I have gone from two months solid with photography assignments to two months of none at all. If you want to book a bargain shoot then now is your chance. I took these photos on Saturday at my last gig, a naming ceremony in the Scented Garden round the corner in St Ann’s Well Park.

[Click on any thumbnail below to see a 640×420 scan. Make your browser window as big as possible before you view the larger versions or it’ll shrink them to fit and degrade the picture quality. If this happens in Internet Explorer you should click on the “Expand to regular size” box that appears when you mouse over the bottom-right-hand corner; in Firefox/Mozilla, click with the magnifying glass that replaces your mouse pointer.]

bubbles in the cornermother and son read poem by childfather nuzzles grumpy daughter
mobile-crazy Tor and his mentors on a park benchTor is more interested in a phone than a hug
Tor and his female fansmunchkin scrambling on a low park wall
granddad blows bubblesmum holds baby and a cuppa
girl with bubbles and Torgrandparents share a smile
thoughtful uncleskull-and-crossbones boy blows bubbleschocolate face

Hire me for an afternoon to take photographs of your family for 240 quid plus expenses and I’ll throw in forty 6×4 prints, and a CD of medium-resolution scans of the negatives for free. A man can scarcely afford to eat at this kind of rate. C’mon, people, the light is beautiful at this time of year and—even if I do say so myself—I am on cracking form. Contact me now and you could have a set of warm, soft, natural portraits on film ready in time for Christmas.

Or you could pay rather more for a handful of photoshopped, posed digital McSnapshots that’ll very quickly look as naff as anything taken in the 70s against a velvet backdrop at a traditional high street photographers.

(Don’t forget: if you email me your snailmail address then I’ll post you a set of free postcards.)