Close friends of multi-hundred selling music legend Pete McDoherty expressed their concern today at his plans to wed one-nostrilled supermodel and charity campaigner Heather Moss. “I’ve nothing against her personally,” claimed a member of McDoherty’s inner circle, “but Moss has a reputation for marrying a certain kind of man and you can see why a woman in her financial position might be interested in a share of Pete’s county court judgements.”

Even now, long after the peak of Shamblemania, McDoherty, whose hits include (She’s Got A) Ticket To Rehab and (We All Live In A) Shallow Indiescene, is still mobbed wherever he goes in Camden (by people asking him if knows where they can score some H).

Moss, who was last seen on the catwalk modelling a collection of nasal septa hand-carved from sustainable mahogany by Terence Conran, was unavailable for comment.