It hasn’t been publicised, but there’s a new Euston Manifesto blog running alongside the existing site. The blog collects items of interest to signatories and supporters of the manifesto and invites civil debate about them. So far posts have been contributed by Jeremy Brown of Who Knew?, Alan Johnson of Labour Friends of Iraq, Jeff Weintraub, and me.

Feel free to link to it—and if you have signed the Euston Manifesto and would like a username and password to post items to blog then email the manifesto contact address at the top of the EM front page.

Meanwhile the march of the supposed straw men continues, as various online ranters continue to demonstrate the relevance of the document. Like Islamists attempting to refute charges that the Koran exalts violence by threatening to kill anyone who argues so, various “Left-wing” commenters under a post by Matthew Yglesias accuse the original British authors and signatories of the Euston Manifesto of being “hawkish Dems who want to slam anyone who dares to be further left than they are”, “intellectually dishonest”, “fucker[s]”, and (my favourite): “pretentious stoners who understand roughly as much about international relations as my dog”.

Chill out, people. Have a look at a puppy.

Scroll down to the title “Euston Manifesto Loons” on PooterGeek’s updated “Best Of” page and click on the linked titles for more entertainment in a similar vein.