Richard Brincklow leads a jazz trio called Sesame Forum. They have a Sunday afternoon residency at The Brunswick in Brighton. The weekend after next, The Brunswick is hosting a jazz festival, featuring people who you might have heard of, like Liane Carroll, who won Best Vocalist Award at the 2006 British Jazz Awards and is appearing on the Sunday evening.

Sesame Forum will be supporting Joe Lee Wilson on the first day, Friday 23Feb07. Apparently Wilson has:

a free and resonant baritone, soaring through a three octave range with command of all registers. He has the gorgeous tone of the old time baritones and combines it with a horn articulation, with the sensual curving lines of the saxophone and the sharp bop punctuation of the trumpet.

I don’t. I’m not bad though, and I’ll be doing one song with Sesame Forum before the real singer comes on.

I once shared a dressing room with that Stacey Kent, you know. That she was sharing a dressing room at all, let alone with me, gives you some idea of at what stage in her career she was blessed by that life-changing experience.

(“You’re singing too much from the lower-left surface of your diaphragm,” I told her. From that evening on she never looked back.)*

*[The other stuff is true, but everything in the round brackets is a lie.]