Five more Muslims are gaoled, pathetic fantasists whose fundamental freedoms have been curtailed solely on the basis of their alleged intention to avenge Britain’s ongoing crusade against their deeply-held beliefs in Iraq. Yet, as we know only too well, only a matter of months ago real militants escaped the new, intrusive powers of this country’s increasingly oppressive “security” services to massively disrupt our already-harrowing journeys into work (the journeys of those of us not concealed from the unemployment figures by living on disability benefits that is, or deprived of our rightful access to those benefits by Blair’s Nazi-like medical inspectors). Those understandably desperate freedom fighters went on to escape justice too.

The failure of our crumbling NHS to reassemble their fragmented flesh so that they could be brought before our once-proud judicial system is standing indictment of the failure of Blair’s public service “reforms”. But this is nothing against the catastrophic failures of MI5. Surely the time has now come for an inquiry into their failed inquiries and, if that inquiry should prove—as so many have in the past—to be a whitewash of Blair’s cronies and their shameful incompetence and Stalinist ruthlessness then there must be an inquiry into the inquiry into the inquiries so to satisfy the rights of us, the ordinary, law-abiding public to have someone—someone in the government—to blame for the failures that led to it.