The last time I tinkered ever so slightly with the layout of PooterGeek the email and comment complaints were such that I gave up and returned to the current look. This is something like the fourth design of PG since it started five years ago, but when I changed it previously there were no readers to object. Now this place doesn’t get the biggest blog traffic in the country, but it does seem to attract obsessives.

WordPress 2.2 is out and I want to install it here and then experiment with a different look as well, but I don’t want to open my flat door tomorrow morning to be greeted by global villagers brandishing pitchforks and torches and screaming “Burn the Geek!” so I am going to set up a parallel PG on another server some time this week and point you at it for your comments.

One thing that I know from having seen other people read PooterGeek is that only a minority of you enjoy the banner in its full, unpixellated glory. Most Windows machines don’t smooth the fonts in the title and subtitle correctly so you see rastered characters, whereas properly set-up Macs and Linux boxes generally get it right. At the very least, therefore, I’m going to fix that for everyone.