Also at that party the other day, one of the Young People told me that Passenger, featuring Richard Brincklow on keyboards, are high up on BBC Radio 2’s playlist. The next day, one of my spies inside the Passenger camp also passed on to me a delicious factoid.

Whenever Richard and I write or perform any music together it’s fair to say that what might euphemistically be referred to as our “creative tensions” or “musical differences” centre on my “Mr Pop” preference for slickness versus Richard’s “Mr Art” preference for musical experimentation. Well, Passenger’s new single is currently the second most requested track on Portsmouth FM after Angels, by that champion of the avant-garde Robbie Williams. I’d like to be the first to congratulate Richard “pop tart” Brincklow, accuse Passenger of selling out, and complain that they are nothing like as good as they were in the early days.

[If you think I’m taking the piss now, Rich, wait until you’re Wogan’s Record Of The Week.]