Not having a telly, I didn’t catch the latest from Richard Dawkins, but when I visited his Website to look for clips, I saw this photo of him:

Richard Dawkins

All I could think of was Michael Mann directing Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens in an atheist actioner:

[A convertible Ferrari screams through downtown in slow motion, reflections of streetlights flowing across the screen. Inside are DAWKINS and HITCHENS. They are both wearing pastel-coloured linen suits and sunglasses in the dark. Their Balliol ties are trailing backwards over their shoulders in the airflow. On the soundtrack, Anastacia‘s guitarist is widdling over a bank of Kurzweil keyboards and six tracks of gated snare drum.]

[There is an uncomfortably long helicopter shot of the city at night before we cut to an INTERIOR: The entrance to a gigantic evangelical church complex. A PREACHER shouts at HITCHENS.]

PREACHER: Yo’ fancy Oxford professor friend here is tryin’ ta tell me I’m some kind of monkey! I ain’t no monkey, mister!

[DAWKINS pulls out a semi-automatic and shoots round after round at the PREACHER’s feet so that he is forced to hop about to avoid the bullets.]

DAWKINS: Is that so? Well, you jolly well look like one now, “Reverend” Jareth.

[EXTERIOR: A junkyard at sunset. There is a graduated dark mauve filter over the lens that matches DAWKINS’ jacket. Four NUNS train assault rifles on him as he stands with his hands up, a matchstick protruding from the corner of his mouth.]

FIRST NUN: You’re not so skeptical when you’re staring at a shortcut to damnation, are you, Professor Dawkins?

[Suddenly the NUNS fly upward, screaming. Behind them, HITCHENS is at the controls of a crane. He hoists them into the air so violently that their weapons fall out of their hands onto the ground below.]

DAWKINS: If I didn’t know better then you might have just persuaded me to see some value in skyhooks, Hitch!

[For no apparent reason, our view of HITCHENS and DAWKINS is reversed in mid conversation, so they are on the opposite sides of the frame to where they started, and the distant ambient traffic noise is muted abruptly.]

HITCHENS: [swigging from a hip flask] Let’s just say that these young women seemed to me to be in need of some Enlightenment, Rick.

nuns with guns