Osama bin Laden, before and after the dye job“Gradually restores natural looking color to gray hair”

It’s rambling, lying, conspiracist bollocks from a mass-murderer in a silly hat. He recommends Chomsky, the Kyoto Protocol, a universal flat tax, and an end to democracy. Someone give him a newspaper column. Whoops. Already been done.

I’m not quoting the costumed cock here. You can search the Web for a transcript if you fancy a laugh.

A reminder: he doesn’t steal from the rich to give to the poor; he doesn’t want to liberate the oppressed from capitalism, imperialism, or [ha!] global warming. He is a rich man, funded by even richer men to murder poor brown civilians. He and his followers won’t stop killing until they’re dead, in prison, or everyone else on the planet has submitted to the same religious dictatorship.

Here’s hoping there’s a Hellfire missile with his name on it hanging from a drone high above his back garden right now. The thin layer of aluminium encasing his skull won’t prevent its already-scrambled contents from being vapourized. I look forward with relish to the editorial in The Independent condemning his extra-judicial killing.