On Christmas Day, I posted a quick snap of my niece and nephew taken with my new freebie digital camera. I’ve just got some scans of developed film back from the lab so I can share a few steam-powered Christmas photos with you.

Here’s Sam playing with one of his new remote-controlled dinosaurs:

Sam and his dinosaur
Sam and his T. Rex
[click image to enlarge it]

Here’s Maisie and some Christmas lights:

Maisie in front of the Christmas lights
“Yes, dahlings, I already have cheekbones”
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Just to remind her that life isn’t all blessings and the smiles of dazzled passers-by, my brother-in-law is raising her a Derby County supporter. In any other part of the UK this kind of treatment would be enough to draw the attention of the social services and have her put in care.

Here’s Maisie’s first attempt at taking a real photograph, under my guidance:

Damian by Maisie

I’m a bit washed out because there’s too much flash; that’s good: it fills in the wrinkles.