It’s not just in the real world that inflation is a problem for those responsible for monetary policy. Right now, the virtual world of World of Warcraft needs to deal with an acute growth in money supply. Its administrators have decided to do so by conjuring many imaginary objects of enormous utility from nothing, giving the aforementioned goods to even-more-imaginary-than-usual game characters who never buy stuff, and letting those characters sell the desirables to real unreal people (the players) at vast prices—thereby turning the characters into black holes for liquidity. That one of these imaginary characters has an all-but-actionable resemblance to the über-celebutante herself adds an extra level of blogability:

[Haris] Pilton will offer players a line of high-end bags and jewellery designed to free them of their excess cash. The “Gigantique” bag for instance, is larger than any other general-purpose bag in the game currently, but will lighten your wallet by 1,200 gold.