I have been known to have fun at the expense of Chelsea and Manchester United on this site, but following their meeting yesterday, it’s time for me to invite my reader to extend some sympathy to the latter at least. Watchers of Premiership football who value the contribution to the league of Manchester United’s modest and under-appreciated players1 and coach, especially their gracious responses to the judgments of match officials, should be relieved that Man U managed to claim a point this weekend at Stamford Bridge, a point that will be valuable in that impoverished club’s struggle to avoid relegation this season.

Man U climb out of the relegation zoneMan U climb out of the drop zone

(In a pleasing illustration of Man U’s currently misplaced arrogance, the club doesn’t appear on the league table on the front page of its own Website because the lowest position displayed is tenth.)

  1. I particularly enjoyed the commentator on Radio Five Live describing Ronaldo having to have his chains removed before he could join the game as a substitute. []