Which of this month’s begging letters from my almae matres more rapidly and effectively earned its place in my bin?

Was it the one from Oxford University that began:

Dear Mr Counsell

Today the defining struggle in the world is between relentless growth and the potential for collaboration.

which, if it means anything at all, is cobblers?

Or was it the one from Imperial College that began:

Dear [DO NOT USE – Temp Salutation],

Insert your content here


It’s a question worthy of our finest minds.

UPDATE: Today (11Aug10), I received an email from Imperial that began:

Dear Mr Counsell,

If you spotted our email of Monday 9 August, we’re sure it didn’t escape your attention that it lacked the lucidity that we hope you would normally expect of us. We would like to apologise for the mistake and thank those of you who have responded asking us to “<insert content here>”.