In reverse chronological order, PooterGeek presents the most commented on, most objected to, and most hit pages of PooterGeek (except for the Naked Harry Potter one, obviously).

A Sound Of Blunder 20Nov06

Bad sci-fi blockbuster alert!

Waiting For The Anonymous Economist 18Nov06

Pretty photos of Brighton at dawn.

Pot-Bellied Man In Speedos Points At Naked Middle-Aged Woman And Laughs 08Nov06

Bog off, Bloggertarians—follow-ups here and here.

Gissa Job! 19Oct06

Beautiful family photography going cheap.

Ungentlemanly English 18Sep06

Myself abuse.

Andrew Marr In Interracial Sex Shocker 15Sep06

Marr’s moots miscegany.

Yes, It’s Bloody Safe 14Sep06

PooterGeek goes to the dentist’s.

How Free Markets For Talent Work, An Explanation For Talentless Market Freeloaders 30Aug06

There is no shortage of scientists in the UK.

Every Cloud 26Aug06

Following on from this, another women’s reality mag gem.

My Kind Of Loser 15Aug06

Al Gore: misunderstood genius?

Bush And Blair Burn Up The Mic [Uncut] 11Jul06

That leaked conversation in full.

Admissions 11Jul06

Guardian readers expose the ugliness of their attitudes to state education.

The Advantages Of Tunnel Vision 11Jul06

You don’t have to be disabled to work here, but it helps.

That London Olympics Line-Up In Full 06Jul06

Great British sports.

Fat Isn’t A Feminist Issue 05Jul06

Women starve themselves—follow-ups here and here.

The People Have Spoken 30Jun06

Sexism is sexism is sexism—follow-up here.

La Nauseé 30Jun06

Not a good day for the Geek.

How To Make A Guardian Reader’s Head Explode 26Jun06

Taking it to the streets.

“Whining” 26Jun06

Return of a self-fisking loon.

PRESS RELEASE: Paris Hilton Appointed New Vice-Chancellor Of Cambridge University 20Jun06

No word of a lie.

At Home With The Geek 16Jun06

Lifestyles of the evil genius.

For England! 15Jun06

An introduction to “rhetorical racism”.

Hello, Loser 15Jun06

Don’t mess with the Geek.

The Boys From Brazil 14Jun06

How to commentate on Latin American football.

Putting It Down 13Jun06

A short history of the manifesto and a follow-up.

Geek Aesthetics 31May06

Spot the scientist.

Monsieur Henry’s Holiday 18May06

Thierry goes shopping.

The Last Stand 16May06

Wolverine is a homosexual.

Hotline 11May06

What it’s like answering the Euston Manifesto phone.

Euston Manifesto Loons May06

A round-up of some of the best criticisms:

“Are We Right To Deny Other Societies This Learning Process?”

“Adolf Hitler”

“A Dangerous Pro-Capitalist Tract”

“As Disastrous For Humanity As Stalinism, Maoism, And Nazism”

“The US Actions In Iraq Are The Same As In Vietnam”

The Wit And Wisdom Of Maisie B 03May06

My niece Maisie pronounces on India and skin colour.

Censorship Watch 02May06

A glance inside my rubbish bin.

The Euston Manifesto 13Apr06

The announcement, a round-up of first wave of cranks, a clarification of my ethnic and employment status for the benefit of some others, a Right-wing nut, and some thanks.

One Shot 29Mar06

Piers Morgan or Jeremy Clarkson. PooterGeekers argue over who they’d fire their last tranquiliser dart at.

Truly The Devil Has The Best Tunes 29Mar06

Yes, computers can fix a decent vocal performance undetectably. Here’s the proof.

A (James) Blunt Message To A Subset Of Womankind: You Might Be Beautiful, But She Isn’t, I’m Not, And Your Manners Certainly Aren’t 28Mar06

Getting dates isn’t the problem; getting them to turn up is the problem. There’s a follow-up here.

A Better Way 21Mar06

Bloggers Talk Balls.

Mixing It Up 17Feb06

A bit of this; a bit of that.

The Disconnect Is Complete. The Solution Is At Hand. 16Feb06

PooterGeek’s answer to the question of what to do about “offensive” cartoons.

The Ultimate Taste Test 15Feb06

White horses wouldn’t.

Lots Of Bollox 11Feb06

The funniest eBayer in Britain.

That Grammy Awards Dyed-Hair Rockers’ Medley In Full 09Feb06

Rock’s aristocracy wigs out.

Comic Booked 08Feb06

Is it just me or is the BBC trying to present Abu Hamza in a bad light?

Breakdown Of Diplomacy 07Feb06

This message may offend.

Blogger Chokes To Death On Self-Pity 30Jan06

Ickle-wickle PooterGeek has a cold and no one cares.

The American Disease 28Jan06

A good, old-fashioned argument about private versus public healthcare.

Anti-Social Behaviour: Theory And Fieldwork 28Jan06

How not to get into a fight.

Dancing About Architecture 27Jan06

Words for music.

Scandalum Magnatum 26Jan06

Gorraway with it.

The Good, The Bad.. And, Er, that’s It 18Jan06

Why Independence Day is underrated and The Piano isn’t.

The Ubiquitous Sweaterman! 18Jan06

Let’s Fisk again.

Birmingham School Of Art School 17Jan06

Drawing from life.

Top Tips For Bloggers 14Dec06

A serious post about how to use Google to track other people’s responses to your blog.

I’m Condi. Fly Me. 14Dec06

Travel CIA Air.

Hard Cell 09Dec06

Saddam likes custard.

Cross Over The Road, My Friend

The shocking transcript of a new reality radio show.

Well Known Unknown Old Etonians 23Nov06

Beyoncé went to Eton!

End Of The Peer 19Nov05

Shows you might not want to show up for.

Sorry, We Don’t Do Business With Negroes 09Nov05

Sexism is the new black.

The Man In The Unfurnished Flat 08Nov05

Apart from David Irving, who wrote the best alternative history of the Second World War?

Coming Soon 01Nov05

All theguardian you’ll ever need.

Not So Simply 28Oct05

PooterGeekers attempt to name ginger rockers.

Unmarried Bliss 22Oct05

A boring grump about furnishing my new flat generates over twenty comments from people with far too much time on their hands.

Lest We Forget 09Oct05

My timely tribute to imprisoned head of state Saddam Hussein.

Charmers And Chancers 30Sep05

Who do you admire despite their lack of talent? Which emperors’ nakedness urgently needs to be pointed out?

Usage And Abusage 30Sep05

Please take care to read the owner’s manual.

Strawberry Jammin’

Reggae: some people get it; some people don’t.

Embarrassed And Mystified

Confess your secret love; denounce others’!

With Apologies To Monty Python

Death comes knocking.

Glass Act

Ralph Fiennes appears on Before They Were Famous.

Ethnic Aesthetics 17May05

True colours

Lines 04May05

No head for figures of speech.

Get With The Programme, Blogers 29Apr05

The Guardian versus new media. [See also this.]

Staying In Touch With Your Inner Electorate 26Apr05

Politics is about people. Unfortunately.

There Are Gods; At Least One Of Them Is A Bastard 26Apr05

The hell that is canvassing in Cambridge.

My Straight Trousers 17Apr05

Lease and the Geek go shopping.

That Labour Party Election Broadcast In Full 12Apr05

And it’s goodnight from him.

Loathsome 11Apr05

Howard plays a worn card.

Anastacia By Numbers 30Mar05

Roll your own rock-funk hit.

It’s Academic Now 19Feb05

The personal gets political.

Credo 27Jan05

I Am The Law.

[You might want to read this first.]

“It’s Full Of Rocks” 19Jan05

Mention Dr Who and they all come out of the woodwork.

Post Office Counters 30Dec04

PooterGeek versus Mr Kafka

Buy Tin! 29Dec04

PooterGeek versus free market zealots (and Blognor Regis)

Four Wheel Driven 21Dec04

The perfect vehicle for the school run

Good, Bad, And Mixed 29Nov04

PooterGeekers take the PooterGeek Christmas arts review round-up and run with it.

Kids, Eh? 29Nov04

On childhood bullying and adult naivety.

Not Much Like The Future Of Dance 28Nov04

PooterGeek goes to the local chav disco.

Safety In Flight 18Nov04

Fly Air Wahabi.

Now A Major Motion Picture 11Nov04

Bush and Blair go to Hollywood.

Mixing By Committee 11Nov04

Nerd boys discuss the sound of PooterGeek’s music and casualsavant gets frisky.

v. v. shit 11Nov04

PooterGeek versus Bridget Jones

You And Whose Army 31Oct04

Why exactly should we care about agreements we make with the rest of Europe?

Too Much Too Young 24Oct04

Whatever happened to Sean?

God Bless Islington! 24Oct04

Bush thanks the Guardianistas (written before the election, I should point out).

But Is It Art? 12Oct04

Two wars and a sculpture

Hating Themselves 13Oct04

Some Britons need to look in the mirror.

Blood On His Hands 09Oct04

Blair Lied! Bigley Died!

What Would Make You Vote Tory? 02Sep04

Not Michael Howard obviously

Hello? 01Sep04

The movie I’ve been starring in for fifteen years

You May Now Turn Over Your Papers 19Aug04

Examining the opinionators

Protect And Survive 27Jul04

A public service announcement

The Pitch For "Flashgun Cop School Dance City Jedi Nights ’87" 26Jul04

The Greatest 80s Film Never Made

The Future’s Purple 20Jul04

The first newsflashes from the future.

Oliver Kamm Is Getting Sloppy 16Jul04

Oi, Kamm! No!

What Part Of "No" Did I Misunderstand? 04Jul04

Olivia’s first appearance on PooterGeek

On The Beneficial Effects of Tea Upon The Constitution 04Jul04

Tony Blair address the people of the United States of America as they celebrate their independence.

Beyond A Joke 04Jul04

PooterGeek defeated.

Decree Absolute 03Jul04

A true story of a doomed relationship.

Militant Accountants Against The Occupation 29Jun04

Paul Krugman does write some rubbish sometimes.

Bang Per Buck 26Jun04

Why I willingly sponsor killers

Oi, Dave, No! 20Jun04

It’s not really about Backword Dave, it’s about Amnesty and war.

The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores 15Jun04

Shut Up, Morrissey. You’re an embarrassment.