Euston Manifesto

“Euston”? You Mean Like In The Manifesto?

Yes, I’m busy and I hope regular readers will be patient with me. As Norm pointed out to me earlier today, the fourth third hit on Google for the word “Euston” is the Euston Manifesto. Not Euston Station [click image to enlarge] Worryingly, this blog, which has thrived on stories of my loserhood, is being […]

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…Jokers To The Right

Just to demonstrate that the loonies attacking the Euston Manifesto aren’t exclusively Left-wing: “Does it say anything that Jews do not have to wiped off the face of the earth? I figured not. Even “enlightened” Eurolefties are psychotic Nazi Jew-haters.” I’ve been on the Net for a long, long time but, until this document went […]

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Informational Post

In the past few days, for some strange reason, people who have never met me before have been accusing me of being a middle-aged, white, public-schoolboy, “hebe” second-rate academic. Honky Cohensell relaxes at the Groucho Club unaware that the “real” holocaust is about to wipe the smile off his face. “Second-rate academic”? I dream of […]

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Rage And Reason

These three blogs have all drawn attention to the dichotomy between the strange habits of angry Left-wingers online as reported by The Washington Post and the tone and content of the Euston Manifesto. There is something deliciously satisfying about seeing the wilfully stupid wax hysterical at the thought of a few people meeting in a […]

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