Just to demonstrate that the loonies attacking the Euston Manifesto aren’t exclusively Left-wing:

“Does it say anything that Jews do not have to wiped off the face of the earth?

I figured not.

Even “enlightened” Eurolefties are psychotic Nazi Jew-haters.”

I’ve been on the Net for a long, long time but, until this document went public, I’ve never read so much unhinged craziness in such a short space of time—and so much of it aimed personally at me. Apparently my philosophical outlook is fatally undermined by my music being crap. There’s also something exquisitely absurd about the supposed socialist who dismissed my views on the grounds that I’m unemployed.

Yesterday someone on a Leftie blog accused me of inventing slurs in an effort to discredit the Left. This accusation appeared in a thread where the Euston Manifesto was compared to the manifesto of the Nazi Party—with a link to the original obviously. People, it’s not just that I “couldn’t make it up”; I physically don’t have enough time to make it up. I mean, there are pages and pages of this stuff out there already and the thing’s only five days old. I’m going to wake up one morning in a month or so and find my kitchen occupied by a sit-in.

I realise this isn’t an original observation, but the blogosphere is like a trestle table at the global village fete, creaking under the weight of fruitcakes.