Tally Ho!

Also from Slashdot I note that the planned advertisements for the superb open source Firefox Web browser have appeared. The ads depict the Firefox logo, a giant fox encircling the globe. This monster is the combined result of Tony Blair’s ban on hunting with dogs and his authorization of the release of GM organisms into […]

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The Rightful Winner Of The Turner Prize

As if to prove that not everything about post-modernism is bad, I have stumbled upon something that all but defines the term as applied to the arts. I sincerely hope that you have Java on your computer so that you too can experience Pac Mondrian. [For those of you who haven’t got Java installed you […]

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Online Satirical Magazine Raises Laughter

The site that gave us those classic one-line headlines “Kuwait Deploys Troop” and “Kevin Bacon linked to Osama Bin Laden” [think about it] excels itself this week. I’m not quoting the current ones here because they should be enjoyed alongside the relevant images. Just check out the top right-hand corner of The Onion’s front page.

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I fear that the Financial Times‘ proposed new Iraqi flag design could make it harder for that unfortunate country to move on. UPDATE: CBS’s suggestion for Iran’s is a doozy, though.

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Everything’s Better In Widescreen

When I went a-hunting for that image of the BBC testcard this morning, I sort of suspected that the Web would be full of Aspies collecting TV transmission-testing arcana. Interested in the soundtrack? Try “The Girl—The Doll—The Music“. Want to see the card’s evolution? Check out the Carol Hersee photo album. Carol was the star […]

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