When I went a-hunting for that image of the BBC testcard this morning, I sort of suspected that the Web would be full of Aspies collecting TV transmission-testing arcana. Interested in the soundtrack? Try “The Girl—The Doll—The Music“. Want to see the card’s evolution? Check out the Carol Hersee photo album. Carol was the star of the card and the daughter of its designer George Hersee. She was playing noughts and crosses, but with whom? And why so badly? For thirty-odd years I have wondered—intermittently. Not having owned or had regular access to a television since the appearance of widescreen broadcasting I hadn’t seen the last, most recently designed of those testcards. Thanks to modern digital technology the original image can now be enjoyed in a letterbox-proportioned, director’s cut form. And at last I know the truth. The clown had a piece of chalk! The clown had a piece of chalk! The girl was playing noughts-and-crosses with the clown! Finally I can release my car boot sale-bought recording of Orson Welles’ commentary on Citizen Kane.