Too Posh To Push?

Having listened to two radio discussions about this on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning respectively, I wanted to ‘Blog at greater length about this story, but I haven’t the time at the moment. I wanted to include a few links for the frighteningly large number of friends (and relatives) I have who might be interested, […]

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Give Her A Clap

I thought these kinds of things only happened in sitcoms. Returning from work, I find a message from a cheery-sounding woman on my answerphone—names omitted to protect the innocent: “Hello. This is Doctor [DELETED] from the [DELETED]. A message for [DELETED]. Following the results of tests after your visit we’ve found that you do have […]

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Falling Pregnant

Teenage pregnancy rates in Britain continue at more-or-less the same depressingly high level they’ve been at since the 70s. The BBC covers the question of why. Whenever there’s a debate about this you get the usual answers: on the Left concerned types talk about how more sex education is needed; on the Right concerned types […]

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Autism, MMR And The Lying Media

Ben Goldacre went to medical school with Hind (the same medical school I dropped out of, in fact). For a while Ben and Hind shared a student house, where he took a keen interest in the cultivation of tropical plants. Ben also once edited a piece I wrote for the Oxford Student to the point […]

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Anyone Who Had a Heart

Please don’t ask me how I came to be browsing ““. Running down the right-hand side of their front page they have links to their readers’ emails, to which other readers can reply. Each link is the title of the respective message. Along with “Want to use heart monitor when running” (1 reply) and “Weird […]

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