Singapore Descends Into Anarchy

I like watching Right-wingers flip between saluting Singapore as an “Asian tiger” and squirming at its cramping nannyism. Lately, as this week's Economist reported, the city-state has been doing its best to persuade the rest of the World that the country that banned oral sex between consenting adults and the sale of the magazine Cosmopolitan […]

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And For My Next Trick

Now, in a dazzling demonstration of ninja 'Bloggology, I am going to link all three of my preceding posts with a single weird image. [Drumroll] I took this screen grab of an ad' that appeared while I was browsing the Washington political gossp 'Blog Wonkette a week or so back, but for technical reasons I've […]

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In Praise Of The Little Guy (And His Girlfriend)

This another oldie, but it's never too late to read a story about the Mail on Sunday being humiliated. Mil Millington wrote a Webpage and a newspaper column and a book and, soon, a film—sorry: “major motion picture”—called “Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About”. [Mil's homepages might be funny, but they're ugly and […]

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