Blimey. Our Tone joins Dubya in threatening Iraq.

Now I'm supposed to spout some clichés about Western imperialism and link to a cartoon depicting Blair and Bush waving their missile-shaped penises or something. Instead, I'll remind certain people that until the British “illegally” exercised their imperialist muscle in Sierra Leone (poorest country in the World, zero strategic value) my Aunt's fellow country people lived in justifiable fear of amputation, rape and robbery by assorted thugs. And now, by and large, they don't. Oh yes, and look at the horrible mess Tony and George made of Afghanistan. This isn't to say that a war in Iraq would be a Good Thing. Are there any good things happening to the people of Iraq?

Tony Blair is arguably flawed. George W. Bush is arguably not very bright. But to describe Saddam Hussein and his regime as "evil" is not hyperbole. It is not simplistic. And it isn't even stupid. Now I'm not sure if an immediate land war with Iraq is wise, but I am sure a lot of pundits will be telling us with absolute certainty that it is doomed.

We'll see.