I came across SaveTheHumans.com today. It's a satirical Website with a promising front page manifesto

Welcome to savethehumans.com, a magazine of humor, satire, and commentary for people who prefer thinking over screaming for "peace", stripping for "peace", puking for "peace", cross-dressing for "peace", or otherwise rallying in favor of brutal, Middle-Eastern dictatorships.

The site then goes on to explain that we should read the works of Ayn Rand to appreciate where it's "coming from". Oh well.

I once went out with a believer in Randian ideas. She was mad as cheese too.

Is there a place where I can go to hide from the loopy libertarians and the warmed-over-Marx-ists and the religious fundamentalists and the New-Age nutters and all those other global constituencies cursed with frayed string for brains?