The gang had some fun yesterday and today trying to make some sense out of this development in U.S. foreign policy. (It’s an example of the short attention spans of the Western media that this news seems to have been all but buried, by the way.)

We had a little online debate and the three of us hawks: Claire on the Right, Judith in the Middle and Damian on the Left didn’t even respond according to our broad political tendencies.

Such are the times: Christopher Hitchens supported war in Iraq; Pat Buchanan was against it. I was going to summarize our own positions, but I’m knackered. Even though I finally have Movable Type running to manage this thing it’s no cure for ‘Blog fatigue. Talking of which, give some money to these people so they can get MTied too. I don’t agree with them, but I love their “no tree hugging” logo.