It’s a bit parochial, this one, but who cares? I now have a mandate to please myself 😉 . This morning Allan Brigham, Britain’s only celebrity road sweeper, emailed me John O’Farrell‘s latest piece for The Guardian.

There are two youth tribes that dominate the City of Cambridge. Fortunately they have complimentary seasons. In Winter, the Goths dominate; in Summer the Sk8ter Boys take over. One running local debate here is what to do about the little city surfers’ urge to take over every public paved area larger than a patio with their boards. Now the council has built them an impressive little “skate city” in centre of Cambridge and (almost) everyone is happy. O’Farrell’s article tells the same story about a London borough and uses it to make a wider point about the Labour Party—as Blair fatigue is setting in in across Britain.

Some time soon I should go to a local Labour Party meeting that isn’t about Iraq.