Congrats to fellow blogger Casual Savant who has submitted her dissertation and is now conspicuously inactive. Thanks for the postcard from Paris which finally arrived at work today—doncha love those productive Frenchies? Lovely handwriting as always.

Here’s the obligatory Douglas Adams quote:

"My favourite piece of information is that Branwell Bront,Ak(B, brother of Emily and Charlotte, died standing up leaning against a mantelpiece, in order to prove it could be done.

This is not quite true, in fact. My absolute favourite piece of information is the fact that young sloths are so inept that they frequently grab their own arms and legs instead of tree limbs, and fall out of trees."

(Update: I should point out here that this extract is a play on the subject’s “well deserved sloth”, rather than being any reflection on the Savant’s skills in tree-climbing—or anything else. I’m even being careful with the sensibilities of the regulars these days.)