Someone called Demir Baser kindly emailed a bioinformatics mailing list at work over the weekend to let us poor scientists know that Darwin was wrong because Harun Yahya says so.

Thanks, Harun. I can’t wait to read your other “works on Zionism and Freemasonry and their negative effects on world history and politics”. We misguided fools can put away our microscopes now because “each of [Yahya]’s books on science-related topics stresses the might, sublimity, and majesty of Allah in minute detail based on well-structured research and evidence, along with extensive contemplation”.

If only I had contemplated as extensively as Harun I wouldn’t have wasted my life with all of that evolution nonsense. I was going to have a flick through the latest from Ernst Mayr next weekend, but, you know, I think I might see what old JPII has to say on the matter. Why do experiments when you can just ask God?