It’s delicious. As pointed out elsewhere, a perfect time to read Nick Cohen (long-time Left-wing opponent of Saddam’s regime) review Noam Chomsky’s latest rubbish.

Those people cheering and sobbing with joy at Paul Bremer’s news conference and hurling abuse at Saddam on video weren’t Americans; they were Iraqis. I particularly enjoyed the moment when the carping, whining, grudging metropolitan journos on BBC News 24 posted the caption “Saddam Hussein captured; may become “martyr”” just as the first Iraqi historian they interviewed was pointing out that “nothing of the sort would happen” now that “his mouth had been inspected on television like a horse[‘s]”.

It’ll be terrible if Ba’athist interrogation techniques are used to squeeze information about Saddam’s weapons programmes out of him. Check out the first comment to this aforelinked post at Harry’s Place.

It’s never too late to join the anti-fascist party, people, but you better hurry up because we’re drinking the place dry at the moment.