As I have ranted about before, Radio 1 is a post-apocalyptic media wasteland, where Smashie and Nicey rule, albeit reincarnated as a single DJ, the intellectually challenged pub bore Chris Moyles. In the late 80s the S’n’N satirical duo characterized Radio 1 as an out-of-touch musical outlet, trapped in a loop of mid-Atlantic soft rock. Now the real Radio 1 torments listeners by rotating through the same three genres: tweenie pop, drab indie, and the very worst of contemporary black music.

But last week R1 had me dancing in the shower with a funky piece of properly crafted pop-R’n’B. Miss Independent is a real song with a real story delivered by a real singer, who I discovered to my horror was Kelly Clarkson, the winner of American Idol, the U.S. clone of Britain’s evil karaoke show Pop Idol. Still, I liked the track so much I’ve ordered the CD single, despite the whole thing being available free online via Real Player here. [Brace yourself for Ms Clarkson’s scary Photoshopped-white teeth.]